Todd Francis: A Year In Decks…


Todd Francis‘ upcoming new book, “Look Away, The Art of Todd Francis” will be out early 2014 and was completed at the very beginning of 2013.  It’ll be the first book spanning Todd’s entire career from DLX to SPECIAL CRUD.

Todd’s a busy guy and this year alone, he created these graphics below for skateboarders that just missed entry into his book. Thanks, man… nice work!

Happy 2014, ya’ll! – Equal Dist

He also made this hand-painted deck below (sample pig-shape made by Yuta Koide/Shakastics for the Solitary Arts/Equal Dist), which raised $400, benefiting his daughters softball team earlier in 2013.

Grant Taylor Video Part

Modus Bearings rider Grant Taylor shuts down the rumor mill by dropping this amazing video part to announce he now proudly skates for Anti Hero. Congrats, GRANTIHERO!

Passport Welcomes Billy McFeely


New York concrete terrorizor Billy McFeely brings that `Merican ish to Pass~Port. If you’re in the area, stop by KCDC or LABOR to get the latest wooden product from Passport. Welcome to the family, Mcfeely.


photo: sam mcguire

photo: sam mcguire

I expected this interview to be boring as hell. Interviewing the younger dudes usually is – they are on the come up, don’t wanna say anything “wrong” and don’t have the stories or tales that a seasoned vet has. They just want to make their sponsors happy, get some more coverage and go on their merry way. I was pleasantly surprised. Not just that Kevin was willing to open up and talk about anything, but he wasn’t afraid to go into detail and had some brutally honest things to say. I’m stoked that we still have personalities like his in skateboarding that aren’t afraid to speak their mind and haven’t watered themselves down for the masses. If you are interested in seeing the industry through Kevin’s eyes, check out his story on Jenkem.

The Panoramic Series: Berlin with Jan Kliewer

Panoramic Screengrab

Phil Evans returns with the 3rd installment of The Panoramic Series. Beautiful filming and edit, Jan Kliewer’s smooth skating, and the sights of Berlin.

Watch below:

If you haven’t seen the previous installments, check out London with Nick Jensen and Stockholm with Daniel Gronwall.


Lenz 2 Los Angeles Premiere


4 years ago, the skateboard scene in Japan received an inspiring depiction in the cult skate video aptly titled LENZ. As the world has continued to get smaller and skateboarders have united even more, Shinpei Ueno & Evisen Skateboards teamed up to produce the sequel: one of the most unique & culturally rich skateboard films to date. Featuring over 180 skateboarders, LENZ II highlights skateboarding in Japan, France, and New York City to show that skateboarding flourishes best when allowed to mutate and adapt to the diversity of global terrain. This video proves that although styles may differ internationally, creativity and expression are fundamental to skateboarding.

PERMANENT is proud to host the Public U.S. Premiere of this special film. The premiere is 1 night only, and will be held at the Cha Cha Lounge at 2375 Glendale Boulevard in Los Angeles, California on the evening of Thursday December 12, 2013. While RSVPing isn’t required, arriving early with an RSVP is the only way to guarantee entry if the venue fills. You can do so at:

The event is sponsored by Permanent Distribution, Evisen Skateboards, Broadcast Wheels, and Modus Bearings.

Antihero’s “Tent City” Photos & Re-release


Over at Jenkem we just posted up a bunch of unseen photos from Tent City – Antihero’s tour video from 2004. One month on the road in Australia, sleeping in tents, exploring, skating anything & everything – it is one of the purest skateboard tours or videos. Check out Jenkem for a bunch of behind the scenes shots of young Cardiel, Gerwer, Julian, Hewitt & crew exploring unknown territory. “Go out on the road and the mission will be your reward. “