Antihero’s “Tent City” Photos & Re-release

  Over at Jenkem we just posted up a bunch of unseen photos from Tent City – Antihero’s tour video from 2004. One month on the road in Australia, sleeping in tents, exploring, skating anything & everything – it is one of the purest skateboard tours or videos. Check out Jenkem for a bunch of… Continue reading Antihero’s “Tent City” Photos & Re-release

The Rise!

by default 2013-04-03 at 3.17.57 PM

  I just read this great article on about how its important that there are special companies such as Polar, Palace, Magenta making a difference in the industry of Skateboarding. ¬†Mom and Pop shops are stepping up to the plate to support these independent brands as the new movement has begun. ¬†Thanks so much… Continue reading The Rise!