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Transworld’s “Riddles in Mathematics” Now Available for Order

Transworld SKATEboarding presents it’s 29th video Riddled in Mathematics, coming in February 2017. The video features Bobby DeKeyzer, Yaje Popson, Leo Valls, Bobby Worrest, and Ben Gore and was filmed by Chris Thiessen in Paris, Bordeaux, New York, San Francisco, LA, Atlanta, and Barcelona.

Shops can order this video along with the new Spring/Summer 2017 Apparel Collection by emailing

Come See us at Agenda Long Beach Booth #O4

permanent-dist-agendalb16-flyerRetailers are cordially invited to preview the newest product offerings from our family of brands:  Evisen Skateboards, Broadcast Wheels, Format Mfg, Transworld SKATEboarding Apparel, and the Zine Partnership Program. Stop by Booth #O4 in the Berrics section of AGENDA Long Beach on June 29th & 30th. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Butter Goods Interview – Champ Magazine

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is home to one of the best new clothing stores in the world, Lo-Fi. Garth Mariano and Matt Evans of Butter Goods opened Lo-Fi in March of 2014, although Butter Goods has been deeply respected since it began in 2008.

butter-goods-interview-001Butter Goods‘ brand strongly reflects the tastes of Garth and Matt as skaters and friends. Champ Magazine recently sat down with them to chat about skateboarding’s awkward relationship with fashion, the inspiration behind the name of their brand, and the accuracy of skateboarders’ bullshit detectors. Check the full interview here.

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Zizzo’s Part from “Salon des Refuses” by Leo Banuelos

First of all, Leo Banuelos may quite possibly deserve an Employee of the Month award every month. He’s been a strong supporter of Permanent Dist since we began, and he’s been working damn hard on a new video. We’re grateful to have him in the family and to be able to share this video.

Salon des Refusés, or “exhibition of rejects”, was an exhibition of creative work refused by the critics and art juries of the Paris Salon. The Paris Salon was an annual event sponsored by the French government and the Academy of Fine Arts to showcase the best academic art. Most famous of the rejects was Édouard Manet, a talented denizen whose work failed to meet the criteria of the bourgeois committee.

If you’re no stranger to critique and refusal, welcome to the Salon des Refusés. The full-length video features Florida locals Nick Zizzo, Leo Banuelos, Mike Magalhaes, Shane Carter, Ian Weisbecker, Joshua Baker, Leo Moreno, Derick Glancy, Cody Wilber, and Josh Miller.  Purchase the DVD at ›


Nick Zizzo Interview (conducted by Leo Banuelos)

Leo:  Kick it off early 2000s AOL chatroom style. What’s your ASL?
Zizzo: 23/Male/Tampa, Florida


Why Tampa/Florida?
My girlfriend had to finish up school. Our plan is to move back to California after that.


What’s in California?
I took it for granted when I last lived there. I got lost in the party and didn’t skate much. Now that I’m older it would be good to go back out with a better state of mind plus a lot of my good friends live out in LA.


Describe FL in one sentence?
Heavens waiting room. Hells waiting room, who knows?


Stacks fell under. You and Stereo parted ways. Now you’re a part of the société anonyme known as FORMAT. How did that happen?
When things were ending with Stereo I really wanted to get on Pass~Port. I got in touch with Kelly Williams, who owns Permanent Distribution, the distributor for Pass~Port in the states. He told me that he was starting his own thing, something different. I liked his ideas and combined forces to get a team together. Our first idea for it was to pick one person from each individual group of underground guys (GX1000, Pyramid Country, lurknyc, etc.) and bring everyone together onto one team. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and Kelly made that happen.


Tell us about the recent independent skate video Salon des Refusés
I was getting anxiety about being out west so I moved back to (Tallahassee) Florida. I’d only been there once and it seemed pretty untouched by skateboarders for the most part. I moved in with you, Josh Miller, Ian Weisbecker. We basically got to skate every day that everybody was free from school and work. I’m really glad I got to be a part of such a great video with great people. Hopefully there’s a second one in the works.


Who has your favorite part?
Josh Miller. Always loved his style, and to have it showcased in a video part is amazing.


Are you working on any other projects right now?
I’m working on something with Marshall Nicholson. Not too sure which video that footage will end up in, but I know he’s helping out with the Threads Idea Vacuum. I’ve been skating with my friend Tristan Mershon a lot since I moved to Tampa and he’s making a video called “Indigo” so I’ll have something in that. Also working on another full part with format that will be done by the end of the year. From what I know, a new rider will be introduced to Format in it.


Realistically either Rowan or Gilbert, but Tony Karr is SOTY every year to me.


What’s goody for the next year?
I really couldn’t tell you, shit is always changing for me. Just skating as much as I can, and helping Kelly with Format. Maybe some schooling as well, but I don’t know if I’m ready to grow up yet.


Who do you wanna give a major shoutout to?
You, Kelly, Brownie, Cory Wilkinson, Justin Maruco, Krew, the Format guys for sticking with us, anyone who’s ever pointed a camera at me and dealt with my madness, my girlfriend, my family, and all the boys.


Click here to watch Nick’s part from Salon des Refusés.

Broadcast Welcomes James Coleman

Broadcast Wheels just brought James Coleman of Magenta Skateboards to the squad as the latest Broadcast corespondent. Here’s a short edit by Shaqueefa for Broadcast. Filmed by Alex Rose, Bryan Reynolds, Chris James, DJ Brethauer, Ryan Garshell. Super-8 Footage & Animation by Marshall Nicholson. Click here to purchase the best urethane available.

“Talking Shop” Panel Discussion


Come to Transworld SKATEboarding headquarters this Saturday, November 7th for a pretty cool event curated by

Talking Shop is a Panel Discussion based on various issues to do with creating a career path geared towards working in skateboarding.

Moderated by Walker Ryan

Panelists are:
Kim Woozy – Founder of MAHFIA.TV
David Jurusik – Transworld Skate Marketing executive
Fred van Schie – Leading social media skateboarding consultant
Kelly D Williams – Owner of Permanent Distribution, Broadcast Wheels and Format Skateboards.

Interactive workshop with the Panelists to follow discussion. Tickets available thru Eventbrite.

The Evisen Video – Official Trailer #1

Evisen has recently released the official trailer for the upcoming EVISEN VIDEO featuring Maru, Shinpei Ueno, Katsumi Minami, Akira Imamura, and Seimi Miyahara.