Lenz II Trailer

Shinpei Ueno of Evisen has been busy behind the lenz and at the editing bay, putting the final touches on the much-anticipated LENZ II video. This video is an inspirational narrative of skateboarding in Japan, New York, and France. Over 180 skaters are featured! Stay tuned for information on the Los Angeles premiere of LENZ II, presented by Permanent Distribution.




Ethan Fowler’s Sweet Ollie

Ethan Fowler frontside ollie
Behold… An older picture of one of the best gentlemen out there and Broadcast Wheel team rider, Ethan Fowler. Taken by yours truly around 2001 or 2002 in Portland, Oregon. At the time I was all about shooting skating with a 300mm lens which really makes it a little different. It is kinda like shooting wild elephants or lions in Kenya (which I have never done… maybe one day). As you can see I was using some flash slaves given to me by a friend and I really highlighted Ethan’s backside and armpit. Classic. But this ollie off the extension over the hip is one of my favorite skate photos I have taken and brings back good times skating with some good friends. Thats what make skating wonderful.

Long Live Southbank

Skateboard advocates in the UK, many who’ve long been working hard to save the iconic Southbank skate spot in London, have recently put together this great 15 minute piece about Southbank’s history, it’s cultural importance and their struggle to keep it from being demolished.  The spot’s been sessioned for 40+ years, it’s been in countless videos and has been a meeting ground for the local London scene for a long time so it’s a project well worth supporting.  So please take a moment to watch & then help spread the word.  To become a member, buy a t-shirt or for just more information, visit


Broadcast Wheels Welcomes Zach Lyons


As you may have noticed, Broadcast does not add new team riders very often. In fact, since Broadcast Wheels began 3 years ago, we’ve pretty much stuck with the same dedicated tribe of individuals that helped start the brand. But every now and then, someone will come along that proves to be the perfect fit for the brand- and they are usually homies with someone on the team. Thus is the case with the latest addition to our family.

Broadcast Wheels proudly welcomes Zach Lyons to the team. Broadcasting now at

Mark Oblow Art Auction To Benefit Philippines Relief Efforts


Mark Oblow is auctioning 3 of his original artwork on griptape to benefit our brothers and sisters in the Philippines, suffering from last Fridays typhoon Haiyan.

Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines causing significant damage and a growing death toll, while the full extent of the devastation continues to unfold. The storm affected 4.3 million people across 36 provinces, and 1,200 evacuation centers are housing more than 330,000 people left homeless by the storm.

Philippine Red Cross volunteer-rescue and relief-teams are providing assistance in the hardest hit communities, including assisting in search and rescue efforts and distributing food and relief supplies to survivors.

Original Artwork; Multiple Stencils, Overlaid Spray-Paint on Skateboard Griptape (Mob Grip). 

100% from the sale of MOBLOW’s artwork will be donated to help our friends and family.  Please join us and thank you.

Below are 3 pieces that are currently up for auction on eBay, listed under, “Mark Oblow Art: Benefit Auction for Philippine Typhoon: American Red Cross



Modus Bearings “Portfolio” edit

John Rattray

One of the pleasant surprises of the last few weeks has been this edit from Modus featuring the whole team. Opens with a homage to the dearly departed Lewis Marnell and features footage from the ridiculous line-up of Tommy Fynn, Chewy Cannon, Jake Duncombe, Andrew Brophy, Dennis Durrant, Alex Campbell, John Rattray, Harry Clark, Kieran Reilly, Sylvain Tognelli, Alex Lawton, Sammy Winter, Grant Taylor, Nick Boserio, and Dane Burman. There’s too much good stuff in here to bother calling out any highlights but then again there’s a couple of John Rattray clips at 2:45 so you can’t be blamed for jumping there first.