One of the best ever – Mr. Brent Atchley

Did you watch that before? Well you should and if you did, watch it again. Now as my title mentions, Brent is one of the best skateboarders that rolls around on a piece of wood. He skates how he wants to skate and destroys everything in his path. If you haven’t seen his video portfolio then youtube (or vimeo) has it all so I wont re-post it. I like his Cinegraph part.

Like I mentioned before I wont post more already posted shots/videos. But I do have some of Brent that have never seen the light of day on the internet. I had the pleasure to go shoot pictures with Brent a few times. The ones below I shot with my Nikon F5 from across the street since I was using a 300mm lens. These were shot at Thor’s house in Portland on his 8 foot wide, 4 foot high mini ramp to wall ride back in 2004 or maybe 2003. The first photo is actually 2 photos scanned together and put on one  jpeg.Now its hard to know whats going on here since they are very dark (shooter error —ME- and I cross-processed the film which was a miss too…should have kept it slides)….But as you can see at the top you see some Nike shoes (when Brent rode for them). The one on the left is Brent doing a frontside rock at a top (look up high) of this cinderblock vert wall. He is only at the top of a 7 ft vert section…. ridiculous and so insane to get up there let alone turn back in. And the one on the right is a frontside air that is so high above the tranny ( see it at the bottom). Yep…. Dark photo, I know I suck, but he was shredding this mini ramp so hard, I wish all yall could have been there. I took other pictures of Brent there and they turned out  good but I am going to save those for a coffee table book.


The picture below is Brent just checking out his wheel marks at the top of the wall.  He was thinking “Hmmm, I wonder if I should go to Produce Row now? or nail this frontside rock?……” Actually this picture is kinda crappy too… not like Brent’s skating . Next time your in the Pacific Northwest, I hope you all have the opportunity to see him do a grinder or ollie.And maybe pick up his deck from Tribute. That would be great.

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Paul Rodriguez talks with P.Rod is on of the chosen ones….that’s a fact. Since the DNA days, passing through Menace/City Stars Skateboard Company. then finally turning pro in 2002 for GIRL Skateboards.

His video parts and competition ranks are top notch. Proving that he can do both.

From Microanalysis, Time To Shine, Inbloom, Forecast, Me Myself And I, and Nothing But The Truth…which are all a part of the vast collection of videos he has accomplished in his career.

As you can see from this interview, P.Rod has a great head on his shoulders. Super humble and good natured. His actions certainly speak louder than his words.

A special thanks to Circe Wallace, Michele Kimbrough and Wasserman Media Group. Prod Sponsors Plan B, Nike SB, Venture, FKD Bearings, Grizzly Grip, Primitive, Nixon, Mountain Dew, Diamond, incase, Markisa Wallets, Target, AT&T

McRad Dunk


Speaking as a skateboarder/musician who grew up in Delaware and started skating in the late 80’s, Chuck Treece was a local legend and a true source of inspiration and pride for the Newark scene.  Corny as it may sound, he was our hometown hero, the older guy who went out and made it happen. We heard McRad in the videos and studied the photos in Thrasher, desperately trying to convince ourselves that if Chuck could do it, then maybe we could too.  So I was extremely stoked when I found out that Nike SB recently honored Chuck with his own McRad Nike colorway.  Regardless of how you feel about major corporations and their involvement in skateboarding – this is long overdue and it’s always great to see a company paying respect to a guy who laid it down when there was no money in it and everything was done out of love for the art. The guy’s a pioneer and a true lifer. I’ve met and talked to Chuck a handful of times and he’s always the nicest guy,  always willing to help out or play a benefit show to raise some money for local skate parks.  Congratulations and much respect to Chuck Treece!

Slap Magazine Presents: Red Eye Feat. Kevin Coakley

SLAP Magazine recently dropped this edit with Broadcast rider and Bostonian ripper Kevin Coakley. Filmed by Alex Pelletier and Dan Magee.

John Rattray for Modus

You’ve already heard of Australia’s Modus Bearings, but have you paid attention to their astonishing team roster including Grant Taylor, John Rattray, Colin Kennedy, Andrew Brophy, Luke Croker, Sammy Winter, Chewy Cannon, and a slough of other talented rip riders? Along with the help of Adrian Syben and David Bush, they just released a short video spot with John Rattray. Them bearings roll longtime.

From The Archives: Eric Dressen

Occasionally I will have the opportunity to photograph someone that I consider a true icon. Not just a legend, but an individual whose presence has been etched so deep into the stone tablets of skate culture that they will unquestionably become a permanent fixture to the timeline of skateboarding. Eric Dressen is damned good.

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