In The Mountains

Shredding With Kevin Pearce


I Ride With Kevin
On Friday 3/21/14 I had the great pleasure to meet up and ride with Kevin Pearce at
Stowe Mt Resort in Vermont. We lucked out and received about a foot of fresh
overnight. This plus all the late season snow provided us with really good
conditions. Kevin was in town promoting his Love Your Brain movement that focuses
on brain injury prevention, rehabilitation and brain health. Learn more at
It was a special day for me. Kevin has such a pure passion for snowboarding and is
an inspiration to all of us. It was so awesome to see Kevin’s big smile after each
turn. It reminded me of a quote by Craig Kelly, “The smile after a good run, to me,
is all I need to know about snowboarding.”
Here is an edit Kevin made of our day.

Mike Ranquet on Are the Olympics positive for Snowboarding?



Snowboarding is a sport at the Winter Olympic Games. It was first included in the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. Snowboarding was one of five new sports or disciplines added to the Winter Olympic program between 1992 and 2002, and was the only one not to have been a previous medal or demonstration event. In 1998, four events, two for men and two for women, were held in two specialities: the giant slalom, a downhill event similar to giant slalom skiing; and the half-pipe, in which competitors perform tricks while going from one side of a semi-circular ditch to the other.Canadian Ross Rebagliati won the men’s giant slalom and became the first athlete to win a gold medal in snowboarding. Rebagliati was briefly stripped of his medal by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) after testing positive for marijuana. However, the IOC’s decision was reverted following an appeal from the Canadian Olympic Association. For the 2002 Winter Olympics, giant slalom was expanded to add head-to-head racing and was renamed parallel giant slalom.In 2006, a third event, the snowboard cross, was held for the first time. In this event, competitors race against each other down a course with jumps, beams and other obstacles. On July 11, 2011, the International Olympic Committee’s Executive Board approved the addition of Ski and Snowboard Slopestyle to the Winter Olympics roster of events, effective in 2014. The decision was announced via press conference from the IOC’s meeting in Durban, South Africa. A fifth event, parallel slalom, will be contested starting in 2014.
Six athletes have won two medals. Philipp Schoch of Switzerland, Shaun White and Seth Wescott of the United States are the only double gold medalists.Karine Ruby of France and Americans Ross Powers and Danny Kass also won two medals. In the men’s half-pipe event, American snowboarders have collected six of nine possible medals, achieving a unique medal sweep in 2002. The United States won a total of 22 medals, more than any other nation. The Americans and the Swiss collected five gold medals each. As of the 2006 Winter Olympics, 42 medals (14 of each color) have been awarded since 1998, and have been won by 38 snowboarders from 11 National Olympic Committees.

Brad Kremer top ten Snowboarders Ever


He directed films for Kingpin Production, MDP, Burton Snowboards, and more.

Four years ago Brad took a leave from making snowboard films full time to explore

other film-making opportunities. You can still find Kremer on snow with a camera

from time to time though. One such film was the online short for Nike last year shot

in Montafon, Austria. Currently Brad is working on a wide variety of projects

including an IMAX film set on a mystical island in Japan. After living in Tahoe City

for 19 years he now spends most of his time on Tybee Island, GA teaching his kids to



Frederick Kalbermatten is Heavy Metal


one of the best riders ever. He can turn a board like no other. There is a select club who are able to do this these days. Such as Nicolas Muller, Jake Blauvelt and Gigi.

Freddie at the same time  made tons of video parts in the last 13 years..from Absinthe movies, TBSeries, Burton, Givin, Euro flicks, etc. At the same time he was competing around the world with the Burton Global Team.

Dave Downing talks about EURO CARVING


i’m not from Europe, you are.   I am kook from California so Eurocarve doesn’t mean to much to me, but i am passionate about snowboarding though and i really like to watch people that can really carve, turn their snowboard.  Snowboarding is done on the snow for the most part,  i mean i know there is a lot of jumping , Spinning and sliding on concrete and metal going on, but to me really good snowboarding gets done on the snow.  From my point of view here is a list of people i like to watch snowboard on the snow. 



Craig Kelly, Jason Ford, Terje, Johan , DCP,Jake Blauvelt, Nico Muller, Jim Rippey, Victoria Jealouse, Temple Cummins,

Justin Hostynek from Absinthe Films Talks


Enjoy the interview of
the living legend film maker Justin Hostynek. Long live Absinthe movies.

Snowboard Innovation by John Jackson


Snowboard Innovation by John Jackson from BuoLoco on Vimeo.
Making a video part usually takes longer than it should. Sometimes things
line up right away with snow, weather, stability, a healthy snowmobile,
and you bang it out real quick. Other times you can get stuck in ruts of
all these things where it feels like your just in the wrong place at the
wrong time, and then when you try to chase the weather patterns you’re a
step behind. There’s usually ups and downs to a season, injuries, slow
points, hawaii… haha I remember talking to Nico last year after
supernatural when everyone was trying to panic where to go film next and
Nico’s like, I think I’m going to Hawaii tomorrow. That guy kills it any
time he rides so he just stacks and then sometimes takes a break. I really
love and respect his mentality with his “work”. He always keeps it fun and
never stresses it. Supernatural was rad because we all got to ride
together. It was such high energy riding with all legends and the best
guys out there. Everyone has there own signature to they’re riding and it’s all so rad to watch and bounce off each other.