Dave Downing talks about EURO CARVING

by / Published on November 7th 2013

i’m not from Europe, you are.   I am kook from California so Eurocarve doesn’t mean to much to me, but i am passionate about snowboarding though and i really like to watch people that can really carve, turn their snowboard.  Snowboarding is done on the snow for the most part,  i mean i know there is a lot of jumping , Spinning and sliding on concrete and metal going on, but to me really good snowboarding gets done on the snow.  From my point of view here is a list of people i like to watch snowboard on the snow. 



Craig Kelly, Jason Ford, Terje, Johan , DCP,Jake Blauvelt, Nico Muller, Jim Rippey, Victoria Jealouse, Temple Cummins,