The Rise!

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I just read this great article on about how its important that there are special companies such as Polar, Palace, Magenta making a difference in the industry of Skateboarding.  Mom and Pop shops are stepping up to the plate to support these independent brands as the new movement has begun.  Thanks so much for letting me post this Ian and thanks to Rich Kaminski for writing such an insightful story.  Read at the link below!



Tea Shack Project X Michael C. Hsiung Shirt



Bay Area based Tea Shack Project, an artist collective, comprised of several rotating artists who design specifically for Tea Shack Project, specializing in handmade, hand drawn art, recently contacted me about doing a shirt for them, which is available on their online shop page now!  Other artists that are a part of Tea Shack include Jason AdamsRon Whaley, and Sid Enck Jr.  


‘LongBoarders’ Print Release X Poster Child Prints


Poster Child Prints and I will be releasing my first limited print ‘Longboarders’ as a part of  the Neighborhood Artist Series.  The ‘Longboarders’ print, based off an original drawing, will be printed on 100% cotton archival paper with high quality ink in a limited edition of 50, all signed and numbered by me.  In addition you’ll receive a certificate of authenticity as well.  The release will start  today Thursday, March 28th 11 am PST.    Here’s some photographs of when I visited Poster Child Prints in Echo Park, courtesy of Poster Child Prints.

Purchase a ‘Longboarder’ print here.

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Does a pro snowboarder need a coach? By Pierre Wikberg


-Do you think the kids these days, need a trainer?

Yes and no. I think talking to a sport psychiatrist can help any athlete and if you’re riding buddies / camera friends aren’t enough to cheer you on I can see how a coach could be an asset. Especially if they have competed / ridden on a pro level and have experienced situations you might need coaching in first hand.

-Does SW fly that high because of natural talent?

He’s obviously has talent, so yet. I doubt the national US Ski / Snowboard coach / coaches has anything to do with it.

-Next Project for you?

I’m working a bit on Todd Richard’s new YouTube show, “AWSM on ALLI”. And I have some rally pieces with Ken Block in the works.

Newark in Philadelphia

Newark at  Exit Skate shop
This Friday night (March 22),  Exit Skate Shop in Philly will be showing some artwork by a select few of Rogers Skateboards finest  dudes – Michael Sieben, Bill Pierce and Nate Lacoste.  Things start getting rad around 7pm. 825N. 2nd Street. Philadelphia, PA. If you like to think of  yourself as somewhat of a polite human being, feel free to RSVP on facebook

Dale Rehberg and his version of Editorial Corruption


Is it really a secret that a brand can actually pay for better advertising placement, or that volume marketing buys will give you more visibility and more editorial? I guess it is… It’s interesting to see how it all unfolds really….In a time where marketing dollars can be spent in a wide variety of ways other than print ads, it only makes sense to assume that paying your way to the top just might be a reality?

Austin Smith & Bryan Fox chat about Drink Water


Buoloco had the pleasure to make the first video interview ever with Bryan Fox and Austin Smith, the founders of “DRINK WATER.” We talk about many things like how is it possible that legends like Terje Hakoonsen or Steve Berra who usually skateboard, don’t care what’s going on in the snowboard world. We also talk about how by just painting “drink water” on their boards, it suddenly exploded and they end up getting an interview with the New York Times.
Since the DRINK WATER campaign got attention, a lot of kids are now giving up drinking power drinks or sodas and are embracing a healthier alternative and drinking pure fresh water.