Natas Kaupas/Monster Children

Got the latest issue of Monster Children in the mail yesterday (#39) and, as a rare treat, hidden away among the sick Gonz photo retrospective, a look back at 20 years of Girl, mini-interview with cult film star Bill Moseley and a short story by Andy Jenkins, there are a few really cool shots of Natas shredding. Always stoked to see him still killing it. The whole issue is really solid though and worth picking up. Anyway, here’s a short interview with Natas, shot and directed by Riley Blakeway, from the recent La Casa Artist residency, as mentioned in the mag.  Enjoy.

Passport Welcomes Josh Pall

Passport Skateboards is proud to introduce Josh Pall to the team with this nice little edit. Check the new Pass~port catalog here.

Curb Dogs

With this summer’s Street League/ESPN/X-Games hype now in full swing, with it’s major corporate sponsors, big prize money and even bigger obstacles, this is just a breath of fresh air, and instantly takes me back to being a young skate rat, spending glorious summer afternoons dorking around with the bros, sipping slurpies and skating the curbs in front of the local 7-11.  Wish I could be there because this sounds awesome.


On Deck VIII

JoeCastro_ghosts_returning_permanentI recently donated this custom painted board (entitled Ghosts Returning) to the Montana Skatepark Organization’s On Deck VIII art auction and fundraiser.  The auction takes place Friday May 3 at the Brink Gallery in Missoula – however, for those like me who can’t make it out to Big Sky Country, you can still bid on this deck (as well as 40 others) here online.  There are some super sick and creative pieces this year from Haroshi, Matthew Curry, Dylan Goldberger, Matthew Paris, Travis Smith & Randy Laybourne among others. Take a browse, place a bid and help build some new skate spots in Montana.

Click here to see the complete list of On Deck VIII boards and to place bids.

About the Montana Skatepark Association:
The Montana Skatepark Association (MSA) is a growing organization of people who have recognized the value that free skateparks provide to communities in the state of Montana. We feel that skateboarding is a healthy, recreational activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages both as participants and as spectators. Skateboarding equipment is inexpensive and the facilities, once built, require very little maintenance.

Since 2000, the MSA has grown into a professional, experienced and committed organization providing support, consulting and grant-based financing for Montana communities who are looking to expand their recreational opportunities. We are 100% volunteer based and every dollar that comes into our organization is spent on building skateparks and skateboarding communities.

For more information, please visit







Skateboarding history by Pierre Wikbwerg


Out Of Towners @Seeing Things Gallery April 20th


I’ll be participating in an upcoming group show, Out Of Towners, which features myself, Jason Arnold, and Andrew Mecum, at Seeing Things Gallery.  Show opens Saturday, April 20th from 7 pm to 11 pm.  We all at some point lived in San Jose and moved away, but this show nicely brings us all back.  Also, check out the Q&A I did with Seeing Things Gallery find out how the hell I ended up in SJ and why I left, and what am I doing now.


Memory Screen by The Alien Workshop

This wonderful skateboarding video from 1991 or so was a major inspiration in my life. I watched it many times how it was supposed to be watched ,”in complete darkness”, as well as during the day. The music, editing and the skaters makes this video my all time favorite and made me a fan for life of the Alien Workshop. I have since been able to meet the great guys who started the company as well as some of the skaters in this video and have had the great privilege to even be part of the brand as an AWS KTC artist (i have a board out now…shameless plug). So rad! I know you all have a copy of this VHS so put it on… adjust the tracking (or not)…. and turn the lights out and enjoy. Or just watch it here….. not the same as TV but you can stream it there I guess. Someone else posted it on Vimeo, not me, just poaching the link. So thanks for the link in advance. You can download it too from this vimeo so that’s awesome…take it on the road for mobile inspiration!