Travis Rice Talks


Teton Village, Wyoming – From the award winning producers at Teton Gravity Research (TGR) comes the most progressive big mountain snowboarding film to date, Deeper presented by O’Neill.

Follow Jeremy Jones and other top freeriders as they travel to the world’s snowboarding meccas and venture past the boundaries of helicopters, snowmobiles, and lifts to explore untouched realms. Hang on tight as Jeremy faces the biggest challenges he has ever encountered in snowboarding. All night hikes, sleeping on peaks, camping 65 miles from civilization, 20 below temperatures, 10 day storms, and 20 mile days bring the adventure back into riding. Deeper puts the viewer in the athletes’ boots, from the trials and tribulations to mind-boggling breakthroughs in the sport of snowboarding.”The Deeper crew put cameras in places and in conditions you could never imagine. It is the ultimate first-hand experience and the most insane riding I have ever seen.” – TGR co-founder Steve Jones.

This film is 100% carbon neutral.

Athletes: Jeremy Jones, Travis Rice, Xavier De Le Rue, Josh Dirksen, Ryland Bell, Jonaven Moore, Forrest Shearer, Johan Olofsson, Lucas Debari, and Tom Burt

Locations: Antarctica, Alaska, Europe, California, Utah

Dale Rehberg and his version of Editorial Corruption


Is it really a secret that a brand can actually pay for better advertising placement, or that volume marketing buys will give you more visibility and more editorial? I guess it is… It’s interesting to see how it all unfolds really….In a time where marketing dollars can be spent in a wide variety of ways other than print ads, it only makes sense to assume that paying your way to the top just might be a reality?

PERMANENT Invites You: The Ghost of Piramida Screening


Following the release of fourth album Piramida (Sep 2012, 4AD), Efterklang add another string to their bow with The Ghost of Piramida, a film by Danish director Andreas Koefoed, that documents the Danish trio’s visit to the abandoned Russian mining town where the record’s inception began back in the summer of 2011.

Accompanied by their taciturn and indifferent Russian polar bear guard, the group goes on an audio treasure hunt in the empty buildings of the abandoned town, while the narrator, former Piramida citizen Alexander, takes us back to a bygone era, when Piramida flourished and the immigrant Russian miners and their families lived in a Soviet parallel society far from the brutal reality of their homeland.

The Ghost of Piramida premiered in November 2012 in Amsterdam at the world’s biggest documentary film festival IDFA, and here the film was selected as one of the top three music films of the year. Since then, the film has been screened at several other film festivals and in art house cinemas around Europe.

Directed by Andreas Koefoed, Music by Efterklang, Running Time is 57 minutes.

Austin Smith & Bryan Fox chat about Drink Water


Buoloco had the pleasure to make the first video interview ever with Bryan Fox and Austin Smith, the founders of “DRINK WATER.” We talk about many things like how is it possible that legends like Terje Hakoonsen or Steve Berra who usually skateboard, don’t care what’s going on in the snowboard world. We also talk about how by just painting “drink water” on their boards, it suddenly exploded and they end up getting an interview with the New York Times.
Since the DRINK WATER campaign got attention, a lot of kids are now giving up drinking power drinks or sodas and are embracing a healthier alternative and drinking pure fresh water.

Jeremy Jones talks about FURTHER


Jeremy Jones talks with buOLOco about FURTHER. After personally seeing the footage, people will be blown away by Terje Haakonsen as he’s hiking walls in the middle of nowhere and shredding them afterwards. The walls may look innocent, but they’re far from it.
Lucas Debari is shredding Alaska and Forrest Shearer shreds Japan. They both have insane parts. In the mix is Ralph Backstrom shredding non stop. Last but not least is Johs Dirksen…aka Rancho Relaxo…showing class and style.
Jeremy Jones, the back bone structure of this film, shows us why he carries the light during the whole show. Also how and why he chose each of the professional snowboarders to be a part of this.
I guarantee no one will be disappointed. The heavy metal is in FURTHER. Be ready for the premier at Squaw Valley.

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Chris Roach Snowboard Living Legend Talks


Chris Roach, a Snowboard Living Legend, talks in his first part interview about how he sees snowboarding…past and present (his opinion on the snowboarders now and the Olympics.)

Chris probably has the best grasser, and slow trick rotations ever. He’s a Grass Valley true Kalifornian for life and a master of style.



Paul Rodriguez talks with P.Rod is on of the chosen ones….that’s a fact. Since the DNA days, passing through Menace/City Stars Skateboard Company. then finally turning pro in 2002 for GIRL Skateboards.

His video parts and competition ranks are top notch. Proving that he can do both.

From Microanalysis, Time To Shine, Inbloom, Forecast, Me Myself And I, and Nothing But The Truth…which are all a part of the vast collection of videos he has accomplished in his career.

As you can see from this interview, P.Rod has a great head on his shoulders. Super humble and good natured. His actions certainly speak louder than his words.

A special thanks to Circe Wallace, Michele Kimbrough and Wasserman Media Group. Prod Sponsors Plan B, Nike SB, Venture, FKD Bearings, Grizzly Grip, Primitive, Nixon, Mountain Dew, Diamond, incase, Markisa Wallets, Target, AT&T