Moblow’s Diablo @ Cholo’s by Ryan Allan


Ryan Allan’s frame-by-frame of Mark Oblow’s classic, “Diablo” at Cholo’s backyard on Oahu.

Passport Welcomes Josh Pall

Passport Skateboards is proud to introduce Josh Pall to the team with this nice little edit. Check the new Pass~port catalog here.

Fly On The Wall Episode 1: Michael C. Hsiung X Human Pyramids Artists Collective

The Human Pyramids Artist Collective recently started a video series called Fly On The Wall (FOTW)to introduce some new shirts we’re making.  I was lucky enough to do episode where we hung out for a day, silk screened some shirts, and had fun.  The Party Dudes shirt are available on the Human Pyramids shop page.  Check out the FOTW Episode 1: Michael C. Hsiung on Vimeo.

Skateboarding history by Pierre Wikbwerg



As you might know I am a big Mortiis fan. From Vond to Emperor to just plain old Mortiis, its all good to me. I actually went to Berlin many years ago to see him play and it was great (I was in Paris so it wasn’t too far, just a train away). I enjoy his Stargate look the most but I think even now he is in tip top form. stargateBack when I lived in Portland I made this little video with a dear friend. Please sing along to one of the greatest songs ever. I do always. Stuck and cold……


Memory Screen by The Alien Workshop

This wonderful skateboarding video from 1991 or so was a major inspiration in my life. I watched it many times how it was supposed to be watched ,”in complete darkness”, as well as during the day. The music, editing and the skaters makes this video my all time favorite and made me a fan for life of the Alien Workshop. I have since been able to meet the great guys who started the company as well as some of the skaters in this video and have had the great privilege to even be part of the brand as an AWS KTC artist (i have a board out now…shameless plug). So rad! I know you all have a copy of this VHS so put it on… adjust the tracking (or not)…. and turn the lights out and enjoy. Or just watch it here….. not the same as TV but you can stream it there I guess. Someone else posted it on Vimeo, not me, just poaching the link. So thanks for the link in advance. You can download it too from this vimeo so that’s awesome…take it on the road for mobile inspiration!



Does a pro snowboarder need a coach? By Pierre Wikberg


-Do you think the kids these days, need a trainer?

Yes and no. I think talking to a sport psychiatrist can help any athlete and if you’re riding buddies / camera friends aren’t enough to cheer you on I can see how a coach could be an asset. Especially if they have competed / ridden on a pro level and have experienced situations you might need coaching in first hand.

-Does SW fly that high because of natural talent?

He’s obviously has talent, so yet. I doubt the national US Ski / Snowboard coach / coaches has anything to do with it.

-Next Project for you?

I’m working a bit on Todd Richard’s new YouTube show, “AWSM on ALLI”. And I have some rally pieces with Ken Block in the works.