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Ryan Gee photo show in Philly

Friday July 26 at Nocturnal in Philly….RyanGee

The Art of Punk

If you haven’t checked them out already, these two short films by MOCA on the artists behind punk (specifically Raymond Pettibon/Black Flag and collage artist Winston Smith/Dead Kennedys) are definitely worth your time. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and get stoked.

Silent, in Silver


I recently got around to finishing a few new collages and finally updated my web portfolio. ( Have a look around, maybe grab a cup of coffee, maybe a cheese danish or whatever the kids are into these days and stay a while.  And, for those who might have some greenback burning a hole in their pockets, I also have some new prints available over at

Natas Kaupas/Monster Children

Got the latest issue of Monster Children in the mail yesterday (#39) and, as a rare treat, hidden away among the sick Gonz photo retrospective, a look back at 20 years of Girl, mini-interview with cult film star Bill Moseley and a short story by Andy Jenkins, there are a few really cool shots of Natas shredding. Always stoked to see him still killing it. The whole issue is really solid though and worth picking up. Anyway, here’s a short interview with Natas, shot and directed by Riley Blakeway, from the recent La Casa Artist residency, as mentioned in the mag.  Enjoy.



LOS ANGELES, CA: New Image Art is pleased to present, “Tonight, We Fight!” a group show curated by Luke Pelletier, featuring Ben Jensen, Dillon Froelich, Eric McHenry, John Malta, Luke Pelletier, Michael Hsiung, Mildred, Miles Jackson, Nathan Brown, Pacolli, Sean Morria, Teddy Kelly and Yarrow Slaps, opening Saturday, June 22, 7pm-10pm. A group art exhibition that explores the conflicts, compromises, shared opportunities, collaborations, and joint efforts, or lack there of, involved in working, alongside others, towards a common goal. There will be a limited edition zine at the opening that includes work from all of the artists.


7 – 10 PM

Muska at New Image Art


Transitions – the first solo art offering from Chad Muska – opens this Saturday (June 1) at New Image Art in West Hollywood.  7-10 PM.  7920 Santa Monica Boulevard.  Sounds pretty sick.

From the press release:

“The show represents a lot to me,” Chad said. “It’s about the struggles I’ve been going through in life and what’s next after being a pro skater, something that I’ve done my whole life. Transition is a universal idea that everyone can relate to whether you skate or not, but it’s strongly connected to the roots of skateboarding which is about bending the world to your will and making it ridable—a world without transition is a world that is dull and flat.”

Chad’s new style appears at first to be a huge departure from the graffiti and wheat paste art he’s been known for in skateboarding for years. These new minimal pieces are heavy and stark, constructed from steel, concrete, and other industrial materials, and contain elements that are redolent of Mark Rothko, Richard Serra, and Anselm Keifer. They’re serious, yet they retain a playfulness that speaks directly to the mind of a skateboarder—there’s a movement and a work-in-progress element throughout the show that echoes the spirit of skateboarding which has always been a lifestyle devoted to the journey, not the destination.

“Skateboarders, look at metal and concrete already as objects of artistic expression,” Chad said. “It’s like a canvas. And now the mediums that I’m using are metal and concrete. It’s so funny, but that’s why I think I’m attracted to these materials: because I’ve spent my entire life looking at the concrete sidewalk that I’m riding down.”

Silvia Grav

Last month I stumbled upon some photographs by Madrid’s Silvia Grav and was completely blown away by the phantasmic quality of her work, often containing images of  disbodied figures soaking within various states of dreamlike existence.  As far as I can tell, she’s just in her early twenties so, with that kind of talent, she’s got quite a career ahead of her and I’m looking forward to seeing what she does next. Below is a short sampling – you can and should check out more on her flickr page.


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