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Special Crud…


Special Crud by Todd Francis, available at Equal Dist

Psycho Socks

Check out this fun little music video for The Shining Twins track Psycho, featuring a cast of sock puppet creatures created by Amber B. Dianda & made entirely from a box of Stance socks. From the press release: Hand-sewn by Amber, the puppets were created to caricaturize Alex Weiss and Marisa Kreiss, aka The Shining Twins. But no band is complete without groupies to dance, drink, and run-a-muck. So when the stage was set, the band of merry pranksters joined in for the fun. The video was shot and edited by Kirk Dianda.


The Age of Collage

I was very excited to come home from a week away to find my copy of The Age of Collage: Contemporary Collage in Modern Art waiting for me at the door. The entire book looks amazing and I am beyond stoked to be included with so many great artists. Seriously. From Linder Sterling (you may recognize her work from some of those early Buzzcocks singles), Dash Snow, Astrid Klein, Max-o-matic, John Whitlock, Jorge Chamorro and many others – the whole thing is beautifully put together. Many thanks to Dennis Busch and the folks at Gestalten for all your hard work. Well done.

Pick up a copy at finer, independent book stores everywhere, as well as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and straight from Gestalten.


Age_of_collage1 Age_of_collage2Age_of_collage3

Vancouver Is Awesome: The Opening With Todd Francis


Todd Francis was the honorary guest artist for the latest Know Show retailers trade show in Vancouver, BC.  Vancouver Is Awesome caught-up with Todd for a quick Q&A while Todd hammered away 2 large (12 feet long by 2.5 feet) freestyle paintings of his iconic pigeons doing what pigeons do best. Read the interview HERE.

[o] Tom Nugent

Bronze “Solo Jazz” Video Premiere Presented by Permanent

If you’re in the Los Angeles area this weekend, attend the premiere of the newest flick from Bronze, Solo Jazz.
The premiere will be held this Saturday, August 17th at The Vex – 5240 Alhambra Ave Los Angeles, CA. RSVP soon as space is limited.
Click here for more. Watch the trailer here.


Todd Francis’ First Print Editions Available At Equal Dist.


Todd Francis‘ first set of prints, screened by Bloom Press in Oakland is available here at Equal Dist.

$75 per signed and numbered print in an edition of 50 each.  The complete set of 3 prints are available for $200.  Each print is 18″ x 24″ and three-colored screened.

Desolation: Tigers

Desolation: Wolves

Desolation: Monitors

Complete Set

Shipping is included in the USA.

Falcon Bowse T-Shirt Transformation Program KICKSTARTER


Falcon Bowse is not only a brand but since conception, they’ve strived to work hand-in-hand with other skateboarders and independently owned brands/stores. Falcon Bowse offers small quantity custom orders with no minimums, a service most manufactures refuse. Offering a reasonable alternative to small business owners and start-ups who just can’t afford a 1000 piece minimum order that some factories, even in the U.S. require. This could be directly contributing to our dependence on less expensive overseas manufacturing. It seems funny to talk about these things in regards to just making a few hats or shirts but they believe that these are just one of many fundamental steps in the right direction. They’re goal for Falcon Bowse is to be synominous with superior quality, made in the U.S.A. and with fair and green practices. Whether it’s one of they’re pieces or one of they’re collaborating brands, you can trust that it was hand-made in a sustainable manner, one at time with passion and the utmost regard for style, quality and affordability.


Scumco & Sons T-Shirt, hand-made into a five-panel hat by Falcon Bowse