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Michael Hsiung was born in Los Angeles and is known for his black & white ink drawings of happily swollen figures. One of the few remaining Asians able to grow facial hair, Hsiung has collaborated with Enjoi, Matix, Giant Robot, Vans, etc. Visit michaelchsiung.com


by / Published on June 17th 2013


LOS ANGELES, CA: New Image Art is pleased to present, “Tonight, We Fight!” a group show curated by Luke Pelletier, featuring Ben Jensen, Dillon Froelich, Eric McHenry, John Malta, Luke Pelletier, Michael Hsiung, Mildred, Miles Jackson, Nathan Brown, Pacolli, Sean Morria, Teddy Kelly and Yarrow Slaps, opening Saturday, June 22, 7pm-10pm. A group art exhibition that explores the conflicts, compromises, shared opportunities, collaborations, and joint efforts, or lack there of, involved in working, alongside others, towards a common goal. There will be a limited edition zine at the opening that includes work from all of the artists.


7 – 10 PM

Bitchcraft Trading Post’s Summer Fair, Saturday, June 8th @Bedrock Studios

by / Published on May 15th 2013

Bitchcraft Summer Fair Flier

Come join the Bitchcraft family Saturday, June 8th at Bedrock Studios in Echo Park for another epic Summer Fair!  Celebrate Summer Solstice early — eat, drink, and support local artists! We will have over 30 local artisans with goods for everyone.  Every year, Pearl & I, under the name Fight To The Death, release a limited print for the event as well as t-shirts, zines, and more!  For more information on the event, check out and join the Bitchcraft Trading Post Summer Fair Event Page.   Here’s our new collaborative drawing titled The Left-Eyed Path, which is an allusion to Eastern/Tantric interpretations of left-handedness. . . but we see it as more of a spirit of creativity as well. Enjoy!

Tantra is a set of esoteric Indian traditions with roots in Hinduism and later Buddhism (an outgrowth Dharmic tradition). Tantra is often divided by its practitioners into two different paths: dakshinachara and vamachara, translated as Right-Hand Path and Left-Hand Path respectively. Dakshinachara consists of traditional Hindu practices such as asceticism and meditation, while vamachara also includes ritual practices that conflict with mainstream Hinduism, such as sexual rituals, consumption of alcohol and other intoxicantsanimal sacrifice, and flesh-eating. The two paths are viewed by Tantrists as equally valid approaches to enlightenment. Vamachara, however, is considered to be the faster[24][25] and more dangerous of the two paths, and is not suitable for all practitioners. The usage of the terms Left-Hand Path and Right-Hand Path is still current in modern Indian and Buddhist Tantra.

Fly On The Wall Episode 1: Michael C. Hsiung X Human Pyramids Artists Collective

by / Published on May 14th 2013

The Human Pyramids Artist Collective recently started a video series called Fly On The Wall (FOTW)to introduce some new shirts we’re making.  I was lucky enough to do episode where we hung out for a day, silk screened some shirts, and had fun.  The Party Dudes shirt are available on the Human Pyramids shop page.  Check out the FOTW Episode 1: Michael C. Hsiung on Vimeo.

Stache Wax! by Amigos Skateboards

by / Published on April 11th 2013



The amigos at Amigos Skateboards teamed up  Skate Sauce to bring you Stangland’s Stache Wax skate wax for your curb waxing needs.  Remember, it’s not for your actual mustache . . . yes, I asked.   Screen printed boxes and assembled by hand.   In stores and online now so check Amigos Skateboards Online Shop.


Looking Sideways London @71A Gallery April 25th

by / Published on April 10th 2013



London, UK:  The folks at WeAreLookingSideways.com presents Looking Sideways London, a group art show, featuring Ben Allen, Will Barras, Pete Fowler, French, Michael C. Hsiung, Tim Karpinski, Phil Morgan, Schoph, Corey Smith, and Owen Tozer opens at 71A Leonard St. April 25th – 28th.   I’m really stoked to be involved with this show, and we’ll be releasing a new print as well!!



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Out Of Towners @Seeing Things Gallery April 20th

by / Published on April 10th 2013


I’ll be participating in an upcoming group show, Out Of Towners, which features myself, Jason Arnold, and Andrew Mecum, at Seeing Things Gallery.  Show opens Saturday, April 20th from 7 pm to 11 pm.  We all at some point lived in San Jose and moved away, but this show nicely brings us all back.  Also, check out the Q&A I did with Seeing Things Gallery find out how the hell I ended up in SJ and why I left, and what am I doing now.


Tea Shack Project X Michael C. Hsiung Shirt

by / Published on April 2nd 2013



Bay Area based Tea Shack Project, an artist collective, comprised of several rotating artists who design specifically for Tea Shack Project, specializing in handmade, hand drawn art, recently contacted me about doing a shirt for them, which is available on their online shop page now!  Other artists that are a part of Tea Shack include Jason AdamsRon Whaley, and Sid Enck Jr.