Skulls and Straight Edge

skulls-hat copy
As we all know Spring is coming on strong, so time to put something on our heads to save us all from skin cancer. In the sea of five panels hats out there….Skulls seems to be having the most fun at it. I have been friends with Ivan Jimenez, who is the creative behind the Skulls project, for many years and so stoked that he has been making these lately. He now lives in LA but is originally from Spain and is also vegan and straight edge. I too was vegan for many years and am still vegetarian but I have never been straight edge. The closest I have been to being straightedge is when I wore a Youth of Today shirt in a bar in New York to show respect to the great band from that city. Does that count? No, I don’t think so.
Actually I am listening to Project X right now and I am stoked. I have always liked straight edge bands and music…. So that’s probably why I like Skulls so much. The hats are crazy but that’s the way they should be.
See what Ivan is doing right below.
Check out this Project X song (from a reunion show), looks like the kids (mostly dudes) are having some fun there.
If you ever find the 7″ at your friendly record store I would buy it, if it is one the original 500 pressings then its rare and worth some cash. I wish I had it. I only have the mp3’s. Cant complain though.

By Chris Reed

Chris Reed was born during the Summer of Love in the Southerly region of California where he has amassed a body of work that gives evidence to his affinity for skateboarding, surfing, music, friends and family. Clients include Alien Workshop, Etnies, Vans, etc.