Ken Taylor

I spend the majority of my day completely alone, working away in a tiny attic studio space with little to no human interaction or distractions.  So, like we all do when things get slow, I like to take a not so leisurely stroll down the interweb worm hole in hopes of finding some new inspiration.  About a year ago, I came across the poster work of Ken Taylor, a Melbourne based illustrator and designer, and was completely blown away by his overall sick style and the pain staking detail in his line work.  And I was equally stoked to see this board graphic he did for Australia’s Elan skateboards. So sick. Ever since, whenever I complete an illustration that I’m super stoked on, I make sure I go back and browse through Ken’s work, just to keep my ego in check and to remind myself that there’s still a long way to go.

Anyway, below are just a few samples of his work – you can check out more at  And I just found out that he’ll be showing some work at the Mondo Gallery, March 15th, as part of SXSW in Austin this year.  4115 Guadalupe St., Austin, TX.  7-10 pm. Worth checking out if your in the area.

Thanks for the inspiration man – much respect.

KenTaylor_Decemberists bobfinal

By Joe Castro

Joe Castro is a collage artist, musician, oil painter and graphic designer currently lurking somewhere between Philadelphia and Delaware. For more info, visit