Lenny Kirk

Last week Chris Nieratko wrote an article about a new photo book about Lenny Kirk by Dennis McGrath. check the link below from Vice Magazine. http://www.vice.com/read/lennie-kirk-and-the-insane-side-of-skateboarding-381 Not much gets me as stoked as Lenny Kirk and Alien Workshop around this era. It brings back a great time in my life when I sucked at skating… Continue reading Lenny Kirk

Pole Smokers

Back in the day….. This band ruled the streets and drove the kids wild.  

Ethan Fowler’s Sweet Ollie

Ethan Fowler frontside ollie

Behold… An older picture of one of the best gentlemen out there and Broadcast Wheel team rider, Ethan Fowler. Taken by yours truly around 2001 or 2002 in Portland, Oregon. At the time I was all about shooting skating with a 300mm lens which really makes it a little different. It is kinda like shooting… Continue reading Ethan Fowler’s Sweet Ollie

The Sounds of Oranssi Pazuzu

Just got a hug from my daughter and made me smile. This too makes me smile. Sweet sounds from Finland. Nothing bad there. I also like the bell bottoms or wide legged trousers. It pays to be comfy on the stage. Buy all their albums and support your local Psychedelic Black Metal



As you might know I am a big Mortiis fan. From Vond to Emperor to just plain old Mortiis, its all good to me. I actually went to Berlin many years ago to see him play and it was great (I was in Paris so it wasn’t too far, just a train away). I enjoy… Continue reading Marshland