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Ian Michna was born in New York and raised in Vienna, Austria where he became known for beatboxing on the 38 tram & bus. He currently runs Jenkem, rides his skateboard, and continues to forget his German.

New Interview with Zach Lyons of Magenta

by / Published on April 9th 2014

Just did a new interview with Zach Lyons on the American skateboard industry, skating for Magenta, traveling the world and a bunch of other shit.. Zach is a pretty cool guy with a unique outlook and pushing the creative / not trick focused style of skating. check it out.

Full interview: http://www.jenkemmag.com/home/2014/04/03/traveling-the-world-with-zach-lyons/




by / Published on December 20th 2013

photo: sam mcguire

photo: sam mcguire

I expected this interview to be boring as hell. Interviewing the younger dudes usually is – they are on the come up, don’t wanna say anything “wrong” and don’t have the stories or tales that a seasoned vet has. They just want to make their sponsors happy, get some more coverage and go on their merry way. I was pleasantly surprised. Not just that Kevin was willing to open up and talk about anything, but he wasn’t afraid to go into detail and had some brutally honest things to say. I’m stoked that we still have personalities like his in skateboarding that aren’t afraid to speak their mind and haven’t watered themselves down for the masses. If you are interested in seeing the industry through Kevin’s eyes, check out his story on Jenkem.

Antihero’s “Tent City” Photos & Re-release

by / Published on December 6th 2013


Over at Jenkem we just posted up a bunch of unseen photos from Tent City – Antihero’s tour video from 2004. One month on the road in Australia, sleeping in tents, exploring, skating anything & everything – it is one of the purest skateboard tours or videos. Check out Jenkem for a bunch of behind the scenes shots of young Cardiel, Gerwer, Julian, Hewitt & crew exploring unknown territory. “Go out on the road and the mission will be your reward. “