PERMANENT Distribution, Home of Passport Skateboards, Broadcast Wheels, Butter Goods, Format Skateboards, Evisen Skateboards, and Skate Zines

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PERMANENT is a distributing agency and co-op for the new generation of premium brands from around the world. Headquartered in North America, we proudly offer the finest skateboards, apparel, and accessories from Broadcast Wheels, Format Skateboards, Butter Goods, Evisen, and the Zine Partnership Program.

Not only have we hand-selected the brands we represent, we work with a variety of top-shelf screenprinters, factories, and wood suppliers to manufacture the products we distribute. In order to maintain individuality among our skateboards, each brand works with a different woodshop. This ensures that the freshest wood is used and that decks are shaped to the demands of that region. We proudly work with the famed Generator Woodshop for Format decks, South Central Mfg for all Evisen decks. This means that each board is knowledgeably crafted by suppliers who care about skateboarding and have been involved for decades. Most distributors are not transparent enough to disclose where they manufacturer their boards, however we believe that you care where your board is made, and we are proud of the factories we work with.

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