Village Psychic for Permanent Co-op

Permanent Co-op is the first collection of goods from our own label, in cooperation with our extended family of brands, artists, designers, photographers, etc.  Released only periodically and truly collaborative in nature, both entities share ideas and concepts- working together to create a very limited run of products that are only available at premium retailers and in the web store. For the debut capsule, we teamed with the enigmatic Village Psychic NYC, one of our favorite digital destinations. This collection consists of wearable goods designed around the mantra “A Cosmic Alliance”, exemplified by the Candle of Good Fortune. For several millennia, it has been believed that those who bear the Candle of Good Fortune will be blessed with positive energy and providence. Basically, good stuff will happen to you if worn regularly. So we offered the collection in two colorways. Balance out the universe and get both. Photography by Todd Midler.

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By Permanent

PERMANENT.CO is a distributing agency and co-op for the new generation of premium brands from around the world.