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The Art of, “LOVE MORE” – Taylor Dunfee & Mark Oblow


I was privy to witness and admire the skills of both Mark Oblow and Taylor Dunfee for their opening, “Love More”, curated by Bobby Tang in Long Beach, CA.  “Love More” was a single evening event and a month or more has passed since the reception.  Shown below are the pieces exhibited outdoors on that beautiful evening. Both artists skillfully hung the show (and with time to spare) and allowed the rest of us the rare chance to see the first public showing of Mark Oblow’s creative output, outside of his successful photography career alongside the consistently talented Taylor Dunfee.

Both are unique and have styles that are instantly identifiable as their own. Taylor’s ink on paper are classics that wouldn’t surprise me if they appeared magically in all of my daughter’s children’s books. Mark Oblow’s mixed, varied and disciplined style is simply stunning, photographing models himself then creating and cutting layers upon layers of stenciling as just a catalyst before he adds paint to paper.

For full sized images and additional information, contact each artist directly and they’ll guide you towards the easiest and best way to acquire their work.

I’m proud to own a piece from each artist myself from, “Love More”… #16 from Oblow and the AP of #19 from Dunfee.

SOLD pieces below are from the 4 hour opening reception.


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Isaac McKay-Randozzi – 35th North Photo Show


Equal Distribution family member, Isaac McKay-Randozzi is part of the 35th NORTH PHOTO SHOW coming up on Thursday, June 12th, 2014 from 7-9PM (shown for one month), hosted by Amigos Skateboards.

Steve Tierney – ‘Máscaras’


Former Australian pro-skateboarder  Steve “Teagues” Tierney is showing some of his recent mixed media work in Oaxaca, México this month.  In the past, Teagues was responsible for the creative direction of Hoon skateboards and he’s done graphics for many brands over the years including Amnesia & Omni and spent some time in Cambodia working with the Skateistan project. I’ve been following his work for a while now and I really love these new pieces. One of Steve’s collage was also included in the new book 50/50, which was curated/published by Collage Collective Co. and Hanker Magazine Definitely worth checking out.

About the show:
Almost always, in every aspect of our lives, we have difficulty with identity and how we see ourselves. We often feel pressure to be something other than ourselves and I believe that many people in the world are living in more than one reality. Through these abstract images I have been exploring my own ideas around social behaviours and identity for a small exhibition in Oaxaca, Mexico in May 2014.

To see more of Steve’s art, visit

Taylor Dunfee and Mark Oblow: May 5, 2014 “LOVE MORE”



Taylor Dunfee and Mark Oblow are having an opening at the Attic in Long Beach, CA on May 5th, 2014 from 6-10PM.


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Look Away: The Art Of Todd Francis 25% PROMOTION CODE


Look Away: The Art of Todd Francis“, is now available for PRE-BOOK. Receive 25% off the cover price of $19.95 by entering code: ILOVETODD until release date.  The books are scheduled to ship this coming June so click HERE to preview and order yours today.

Todd Francis in STAF Magazine – Spain


Todd Francis has an interview in STAF Magazine‘s online section of Art/Skate… in Spanish.


SK8FACE is a new documentary about the history of skateboard graphics – judging by this preview clip, the film looks legit and should be pretty epic, with interviews from Neil Blender, Natas, Gonz, Mark McGee, Rocco, Don Pendleton and many more. Personally, I can’t wait to see it. To help wrap things up, the filmmaker, Matt Bass, has started a kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to cover music licensing, archival footage rights, animation ,etc. – as an incentive for donations, they’ve got some pretty cool limited edition products available as well so please support the cause. For more information or to make a donation, click here.

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