No Vacation for Murder

It’s been a long time coming but noir-hop pioneers Zilla Rocca & the Shadowboxers finally dropped their new album, No Vacation for Murder and it’s damn strong. I’ll be upfront – this isn’t modern rap or party music so if that’s your bag then you may want to move back to the club across the street.  This record pulsates darkness and conflict –  it’s dive bar alley cat confessions caked in an atmosphere of stale cigarettes and regret. It’s a pile of lonely hearts drowning their troubles over bottom shelf gin soaked beats. The death of unemployed actors. Imagine a young Tom Waits meeting Ghostface and the RZA in The Naked City.  The first single, Fake Surfers is just a paranoid glimpse but believe me, the entire record is spot on. Do your ears a favor and definitely check this one out – it’s currently streaming on their bandcamp page.  Then do the good thing and drop 10 bucks for a copy and help support independent music.  I’m stoked for these dudes. And somebody please use 47 Ronin in their next video project.


By Joe Castro

Joe Castro is a collage artist, musician, oil painter and graphic designer currently lurking somewhere between Philadelphia and Delaware. For more info, visit