Snowboard Innovation by John Jackson

Snowboard Innovation by John Jackson from BuoLoco on Vimeo.
Making a video part usually takes longer than it should. Sometimes things
line up right away with snow, weather, stability, a healthy snowmobile,
and you bang it out real quick. Other times you can get stuck in ruts of
all these things where it feels like your just in the wrong place at the
wrong time, and then when you try to chase the weather patterns you’re a
step behind. There’s usually ups and downs to a season, injuries, slow
points, hawaii… haha I remember talking to Nico last year after
supernatural when everyone was trying to panic where to go film next and
Nico’s like, I think I’m going to Hawaii tomorrow. That guy kills it any
time he rides so he just stacks and then sometimes takes a break. I really
love and respect his mentality with his “work”. He always keeps it fun and
never stresses it. Supernatural was rad because we all got to ride
together. It was such high energy riding with all legends and the best
guys out there. Everyone has there own signature to they’re riding and it’s all so rad to watch and bounce off each other.

By Buoloco

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