namdev hardisty

An introduction to Namdev Hardisty

I figured it’d be a good idea to introduce myself before I start posting. Eestablish some context, nahmean? Then I realized I didn’t want to write a whole bunch of stuff about myself so I borrowed the questionnaire from Skateboarder’s Tuesday 25 feature and made some minor edits. Hopefully this makes me sound less self-important.—Namdev Hardisty

  1. Go-to-trick: Flatground no-comply.
  2. Warm up spot: Wherever it is that I happen to have a half-hour to push around.
  3.  Current Location: Minneapolis MN.
  4. Place to travel to: NYC, Rhode Island.
  5. Things you do when not skating: I’m a partner in The MVA Studio, a hybrid design/marketing company—we design books, create brands, make illustrations, and work on marketing strategies*; I teach design at Minneapolis College of Art & Design; I write books on visual culture including New Skateboards Graphics.
  6. Video parts of all time: Mike Carroll, Questionable; Marc Johnson, Yeah Right, Fully Flared; Dylan Rieder, Gravis part; and hundreds more.
  7. Music: Gunplay, Unwound, Regulator Watts, Threadbare, Dipset, Converge, Drug Church, Self Defense Family, Abilene
  8. Board Graphic: Rasa Libre “Space Oddity” series by Michael Leon; Per Welinder, Viking Skull street size
  9. Next travel destination: No plans.
  10. Favorite Skateboarder record cover: Unwound Repetition; Hoover The Lurid Traversal of Route 7; Fugazi Red Medicine & In On The Kill Taker; Joy Division Unknown Pleasures; Supersilent 1–3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11; Drug Church Paul Walker
  11. Movie quote: Quint’s monologue in Jaws
  12. Favorite skate photo: Hensley’s ollie on the highway overpass; Natas Kaupas’ original trick tip for the No Comply in Transworld; Gonz sequence of a nose pick 540 shuv-it out at EMB in Thrasher in the 80s
  13. Filming Writing for: Ideas. Objects. Images.—The MVA Studio blog, Early Ambient, Mike Burrill’s Village Psychic site(not live yet); working on a bunch of book proposals
  14. Guilty pleasure: I don’t believe in them. Maybe I should feel guilty about how much I love NWA’s Efil4zaggin but I don’t
  15. Books: William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch; Seth Godin, Linchpin; Jay Baer, Youtility; 37signals, Getting Real; Stieg Larssen, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo; Tom Peters, The Little Big Things, Anthony Robbins, Unleash The Giant Within; Geshe Michael Roche, The Diamond Cutter; Emil Ruder. Typographie: A Manual of Design
  16. Favorite youtube video: Self Defense Family on The Nature of Being Offended; Lungfish, Live in Baltimore, 1998
  17. Movie: Currently, Death Wish, Whoopi Goldberg 80s action-comedies, Die Hard.
  18. Current skate trend: The anti-hammers of Magenta
  19. Partner in crime: My wife and business partner Kim Whaley, my new business partner Zach Keenan, and my daughter
  20. Things you wish you could get for free: airfare, books, records, coffee
  21. Worst/best question to be asked at a demo in class: Worst: Can I do [insert something the student would rather do] instead? / Best: If I do extra work will you look at it?
  22. Beverage: Starbucks grande Pike with 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter and some cinnamon
  23. Pro when you were a kid: Gonz, Steve Rocco, Kris Markovich, Mike Carroll, Danny Way, Natas, Vallely, Ray Barbee
  24. Website (non-skate): Learn Self Defense, Daring Fireball, BlogcastFM
  25. Best trip in recent memory/ever: Walking to the coffee shop this morning with my dog was pretty great. Generated a lot of good ideas.

Yeah, so hello. My plans are to post in a few areas: dope things that are going on and projects related to Permanent’s brands (*Permanent is a client of The MVA and we help with social media stuff as well as marketing strategy).