Frederick Kalbermatten is Heavy Metal


one of the best riders ever. He can turn a board like no other. There is a select club who are able to do this these days. Such as Nicolas Muller, Jake Blauvelt and Gigi.

Freddie at the same time  made tons of video parts in the last 13 years..from Absinthe movies, TBSeries, Burton, Givin, Euro flicks, etc. At the same time he was competing around the world with the Burton Global Team.

Modus Bearings “Portfolio” edit

John Rattray

One of the pleasant surprises of the last few weeks has been this edit from Modus featuring the whole team. Opens with a homage to the dearly departed Lewis Marnell and features footage from the ridiculous line-up of Tommy Fynn, Chewy Cannon, Jake Duncombe, Andrew Brophy, Dennis Durrant, Alex Campbell, John Rattray, Harry Clark, Kieran Reilly, Sylvain Tognelli, Alex Lawton, Sammy Winter, Grant Taylor, Nick Boserio, and Dane Burman. There’s too much good stuff in here to bother calling out any highlights but then again there’s a couple of John Rattray clips at 2:45 so you can’t be blamed for jumping there first.

Dave Downing talks about EURO CARVING


i’m not from Europe, you are.   I am kook from California so Eurocarve doesn’t mean to much to me, but i am passionate about snowboarding though and i really like to watch people that can really carve, turn their snowboard.  Snowboarding is done on the snow for the most part,  i mean i know there is a lot of jumping , Spinning and sliding on concrete and metal going on, but to me really good snowboarding gets done on the snow.  From my point of view here is a list of people i like to watch snowboard on the snow. 



Craig Kelly, Jason Ford, Terje, Johan , DCP,Jake Blauvelt, Nico Muller, Jim Rippey, Victoria Jealouse, Temple Cummins,

Psycho Socks

Check out this fun little music video for The Shining Twins track Psycho, featuring a cast of sock puppet creatures created by Amber B. Dianda & made entirely from a box of Stance socks. From the press release: Hand-sewn by Amber, the puppets were created to caricaturize Alex Weiss and Marisa Kreiss, aka The Shining Twins. But no band is complete without groupies to dance, drink, and run-a-muck. So when the stage was set, the band of merry pranksters joined in for the fun. The video was shot and edited by Kirk Dianda.


Callum Paul Video Edit

Slam Magazine & Fast Times Skateboarding just dropped this sweet video of Pass Port team rider Callum Paul skating around the city of Melbourne. Filmed and edited by Greg Stewart. Additional appearances from Sam Wood, Mat Kinsman, Casey Foley and Bryce Golder. Enjoy!callum-paul-fast-times

Bronze “Solo Jazz” Video Premiere Presented by Permanent

If you’re in the Los Angeles area this weekend, attend the premiere of the newest flick from Bronze, Solo Jazz.
The premiere will be held this Saturday, August 17th at The Vex – 5240 Alhambra Ave Los Angeles, CA. RSVP soon as space is limited.
Click here for more. Watch the trailer here.


Pat Duffy talks