Passport Welcomes Josh Pall

Passport Skateboards is proud to introduce Josh Pall to the team with this nice little edit. Check the new Pass~port catalog here.

Fly On The Wall Episode 1: Michael C. Hsiung X Human Pyramids Artists Collective

The Human Pyramids Artist Collective recently started a video series called Fly On The Wall (FOTW)to introduce some new shirts we’re making.  I was lucky enough to do episode where we hung out for a day, silk screened some shirts, and had fun.  The Party Dudes shirt are available on the Human Pyramids shop page.  Check out the FOTW Episode 1: Michael C. Hsiung on Vimeo.

Looking Sideways London @71A Gallery April 25th



London, UK:  The folks at WeAreLookingSideways.com presents Looking Sideways London, a group art show, featuring Ben Allen, Will Barras, Pete Fowler, French, Michael C. Hsiung, Tim Karpinski, Phil Morgan, Schoph, Corey Smith, and Owen Tozer opens at 71A Leonard St. April 25th – 28th.   I’m really stoked to be involved with this show, and we’ll be releasing a new print as well!!



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PERMANENT Invites You: The Ghost of Piramida Screening


Following the release of fourth album Piramida (Sep 2012, 4AD), Efterklang add another string to their bow with The Ghost of Piramida, a film by Danish director Andreas Koefoed, that documents the Danish trio’s visit to the abandoned Russian mining town where the record’s inception began back in the summer of 2011.

Accompanied by their taciturn and indifferent Russian polar bear guard, the group goes on an audio treasure hunt in the empty buildings of the abandoned town, while the narrator, former Piramida citizen Alexander, takes us back to a bygone era, when Piramida flourished and the immigrant Russian miners and their families lived in a Soviet parallel society far from the brutal reality of their homeland.

The Ghost of Piramida premiered in November 2012 in Amsterdam at the world’s biggest documentary film festival IDFA, and here the film was selected as one of the top three music films of the year. Since then, the film has been screened at several other film festivals and in art house cinemas around Europe.

Directed by Andreas Koefoed, Music by Efterklang, Running Time is 57 minutes.

Skulls and Straight Edge

skulls-hat copy
As we all know Spring is coming on strong, so time to put something on our heads to save us all from skin cancer. In the sea of five panels hats out there….Skulls seems to be having the most fun at it. I have been friends with Ivan Jimenez, who is the creative behind the Skulls project, for many years and so stoked that he has been making these lately. He now lives in LA but is originally from Spain and is also vegan and straight edge. I too was vegan for many years and am still vegetarian but I have never been straight edge. The closest I have been to being straightedge is when I wore a Youth of Today shirt in a bar in New York to show respect to the great band from that city. Does that count? No, I don’t think so.
Actually I am listening to Project X right now and I am stoked. I have always liked straight edge bands and music…. So that’s probably why I like Skulls so much. The hats are crazy but that’s the way they should be.
See what Ivan is doing right below.
Check out this Project X song (from a reunion show), looks like the kids (mostly dudes) are having some fun there.
If you ever find the 7″ at your friendly record store I would buy it, if it is one the original 500 pressings then its rare and worth some cash. I wish I had it. I only have the mp3’s. Cant complain though.



Paul Rodriguez talks with buOLOco.com. P.Rod is on of the chosen ones….that’s a fact. Since the DNA days, passing through Menace/City Stars Skateboard Company. then finally turning pro in 2002 for GIRL Skateboards.

His video parts and competition ranks are top notch. Proving that he can do both.

From Microanalysis, Time To Shine, Inbloom, Forecast, Me Myself And I, and Nothing But The Truth…which are all a part of the vast collection of videos he has accomplished in his career.

As you can see from this interview, P.Rod has a great head on his shoulders. Super humble and good natured. His actions certainly speak louder than his words.

A special thanks to Circe Wallace, Michele Kimbrough and Wasserman Media Group. www.wmgllc.com. Prod Sponsors Plan B, Nike SB, Venture, FKD Bearings, Grizzly Grip, Primitive, Nixon, Mountain Dew, Diamond, incase, Markisa Wallets, Target, AT&T

So Far, So Good, So What: Works by Michael Hsiung


Born in Chinatown, Los Angeles, Michael C. Hsiung is known for his black-and-white pen and ink drawings. His work features a range of “strangely rotund characters from fantastical creatures, such as centaurs and mermen to somewhat contemporary and/or old fashion bearded males”. Currently living with his wife Rachel in Los Angeles, he spends his days drawing, making prints, producing t-shirts and creating zines; he also plays Dungeons & Dragons when he can. His illustrations and artwork have featured in Dr. Martens, Dwindle / Enjoi Skateboards, Momentum Wheels, Matix, Ambiguous Clothing, Oxford American Magazine, Grove made, Scout Books, Steve Turner Gallery, and most recently in the form of a new skateboard for Amigos Skateboards in Seattle, WA. He has also exhibited in various galleries, including East of Eden at Barnsdall Park, 2008 Helsinki Biennial, Giant Robot, Slingluff Gallery, Hurley, and is scheduled for his first LA solo show January at THIS, Los Angeles gallery in Highland Park. For more information, visit michaelchsiung.com