Events & Exhibits

Kill the Kool in Oceanside


Friday August 15th, Kristian Svitak and will be throwing a special one-night only punk rock performance art party at the Oceanside Art Museum, featuring artwork from Jason Adams, Lance Cyril Mountain, Kris Markovich, Mouse, Dave Hackett, Miki Vukovich, Daniel Creadon & Peter Whitley. There’ll be live music from The Fly Traps, The Skatanic Rednecks and Art & Steve Godoys’ Last of the Bad Men, along with some wine and food provided by Bull Taco. Rumor has it there’ll be some fake cops on hand to harass any and all skate rats as well as a spot in the corner to get your head shaved. Sounds like a great time. $10.00 museum members. $20.00 for non museum members (all money from the entry fee will go toward helping out the museum.).  7- 10 pm. 704 Pier View Way, Oceanside, CA 92054.

“Look Away” Book Launch at DLXSF


Brian Martinez and I took some phone photos of the installation we worked on for Todd Francis‘ final Summer book launch event at DLX in San Francisco on July 17, 2014. Many thanks to Winston Tseng (WINS Publishing) for his help along with Matt D., Tory, Brandon, and Quiante (DLX Shop). Also, mahalo’s to Buddah, Alissa and Michelle for their help with taking the show down and to everyone who made it out to this great event.

“Look Away: The Art of Todd Francis” is available at finer shops everywhere and directly from WINS Publishing.

Signed Editions available at Equal Dist. exclusively.

Simultaneously happening…outside with Todd’s mural and inside with the installation.

Tommy Guerrero, “No Mans Land”


Tommy Guerrero‘s newest album, “No Mans Landon his eponymous label, Too Good Records, drops this week in the US with a California tour lined-up to start it off.

Check the flyer below for details on the Thursday, July 24th show in SF along with the Friday, July 25th show in Los Angeles.

Click the links below to listen and to purchase a copy of, “No Mans Land” as soon as possible!


Todd Francis Book Release at Element Branch June 19, 2014


The first date for Todd Francis‘ book release will be held in Costa Mesa at Element Skateboards‘ The Branch on Thursday, June 19th, 2014 from 7-11PM.

His book, “Look Away, The Art Of Todd Francis” will be available along with a curated show of original artwork in conjunction for the evening.

Element is also releasing a special run of Todd’s, “Natural Dejection” series, which is featured in the pages of, “Look Away…”

4 decks in this set, handscreened along with a shirt and limited run of prints will be available in celebration of Todd’s book release.

For more information and to pre-book this title from WINS Publishing, please visit:


June 19, 2014 at ELEMENT SKATEBOARDS Branch in Costa Mesa, CA

June 26, 2014 at HENNESSEY + INGALLS in Los Angeles, CA

July 8-10, 2014 at BRIGHT in Berlin, Germany (Brunnenstrasse 19-21, 10119 Berlin)

July 17, 2014 at DLXSF in San Francisco, CA

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The Art of, “LOVE MORE” – Taylor Dunfee & Mark Oblow


I was privy to witness and admire the skills of both Mark Oblow and Taylor Dunfee for their opening, “Love More”, curated by Bobby Tang in Long Beach, CA.  “Love More” was a single evening event and a month or more has passed since the reception.  Shown below are the pieces exhibited outdoors on that beautiful evening. Both artists skillfully hung the show (and with time to spare) and allowed the rest of us the rare chance to see the first public showing of Mark Oblow’s creative output, outside of his successful photography career alongside the consistently talented Taylor Dunfee.

Both are unique and have styles that are instantly identifiable as their own. Taylor’s ink on paper are classics that wouldn’t surprise me if they appeared magically in all of my daughter’s children’s books. Mark Oblow’s mixed, varied and disciplined style is simply stunning, photographing models himself then creating and cutting layers upon layers of stenciling as just a catalyst before he adds paint to paper.

For full sized images and additional information, contact each artist directly and they’ll guide you towards the easiest and best way to acquire their work.

I’m proud to own a piece from each artist myself from, “Love More”… #16 from Oblow and the AP of #19 from Dunfee.

SOLD pieces below are from the 4 hour opening reception.


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Isaac McKay-Randozzi – 35th North Photo Show


Equal Distribution family member, Isaac McKay-Randozzi is part of the 35th NORTH PHOTO SHOW coming up on Thursday, June 12th, 2014 from 7-9PM (shown for one month), hosted by Amigos Skateboards.



Really wish I could be in California for this – should be pretty epic.  Hoping someone will post lots of images so I can continue to live vicariously from the sidelines of the information super highway.  Saturday May 31st at TFR Gallery in Encinitas.