Core or not Core by Sierra Fellers


This is what I got for what we talked about. I think it’s close to some of the

subjects. If not. It’s how I feel about stuff. Ha


Now a days it’s getting quite a bit harder to be a pro skater and make a good

living. With the economy doing bad, it seems theres not enough dough to go around to

everyone. People are getting pay cuts, getting cut from companies and companies are


going out of business. But in saying that there’s a top tear who are making an

insane amount of money from bigger companies that didn’t start in skating.

I’ve heard so many times how people are selling out and aren’t core anymore. But

is that really true? What really is core? Isn’t selling out doing something just

cause you’re gonna get paid a lot of money? I think selling out is supporting

something you really don’t back. Like if you skate for an energy drink sponsor and

don’t like how it tastes, the effect it has on you and don’t ever drink it. Me

personally I grew up drinking different energy drinks, I still buy em sometimes

and back some of em hard. So if I was to ride for one that I was hyped on and

backed for years, I wouldn’t consider it selling out. If I skating for a “core

company” ad didn’t back it. I’d feel like more of a sell.

A lot of the skaters I know have families and having a family myself. I’d do

anything to provide for them.

I’m so happy that the sponsors I ha e are still supporting me to make a loving in

what I do. And I think it’s cool that bigger companies are stepping in and helping

make livings for skaters while the smaller brands are going through harder times.

With that. All in all I’m so thankful and blessed to make a living skating. An

it’s all thanks to the sponsors I have, and future sponsors, that makes that


I love skateboarding!







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