Memory Screen by The Alien Workshop

This wonderful skateboarding video from 1991 or so was a major inspiration in my life. I watched it many times how it was supposed to be watched ,”in complete darkness”, as well as during the day. The music, editing and the skaters makes this video my all time favorite and made me a fan for life of the Alien Workshop. I have since been able to meet the great guys who started the company as well as some of the skaters in this video and have had the great privilege to even be part of the brand as an AWS KTC artist (i have a board out now…shameless plug). So rad! I know you all have a copy of this VHS so put it on… adjust the tracking (or not)…. and turn the lights out and enjoy. Or just watch it here….. not the same as TV but you can stream it there I guess. Someone else posted it on Vimeo, not me, just poaching the link. So thanks for the link in advance. You can download it too from this vimeo so that’s awesome…take it on the road for mobile inspiration!



By Chris Reed

Chris Reed was born during the Summer of Love in the Southerly region of California where he has amassed a body of work that gives evidence to his affinity for skateboarding, surfing, music, friends and family. Clients include Alien Workshop, Etnies, Vans, etc.